About This Project

This summer while living for a month on an island in Maine, I gave myself a 30-day project. I called it Sunset Silhouette Selfies and it had three rules:

1) I couldn’t have help. I used a ten-second timer, pressed the button and had to run into the shot.

2) I only used props that I made or that I found around the cabin. I never grabbed images off the web and inserted them later…other than a few light saber effects and a little dragon fire. (I couldn’t help myself.)

3) My tools were nothing special. Mostly, I used cardboard from the island dump, a common kitchen knife and a cheap pair of scissors.

Hope you like it. I’d love to turn them into a children’s book. Each one had a little story that you can find on my facebook page.


Frye Island, Maine - USA


Sunset Silhouettes

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